Stainless steel fasteners

Stainless steel bolts

Bolts, hexagon socket head cap screws, hexagon socket set screws with cup point, mushroom head square neck bolts and thread rods, all out of stainless steel.

Stainless steel spring pins

Stainless steel drop nose pins, bolt pins, spring cotter pins, linch pins and split pins

Stainless steel screw eyes and cup hooks

Stainless steel screw eyes with wooden or metric thread, square hooks, shouldered cup hooks and safety swing hooks

Stainless steel eye bolts and eye nuts

Stainless steel eye bolts like DIN 444-B with partial or full thread or eye bolts with flange. Lifting eye bolts/nuts like DIN 580/582 or nice polished.

Stainless steel wing nuts and bow nuts

Stainless steel wing nuts, tall nuts, bow nuts, star grips, hatch plates and U-mounting welding plates

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